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Visiting Concord Mills Mall in Charlotte, NC, I stopped at a kiosk for Deep Sea Cosmetics. The staff seemed knowledgeable and the cosmetics demonstrated well, so I made a large purchase. Their major claim was that the Hexalin line was a chemical facelift and would replace the dangers and cost of Botox and surgery with regular use. Since I was spending so much money, I asked three times if it was money back guarantee, and the manager said yes. My receipt said No Returns, but the manager said he would guarantee it and gave me his cell number and email address - the salesgirl also gave me her email address. I told him I lived 150 miles away and couldn't come back, but could I mail it back, and he said "Of course, we want you to be happy and tell all your friends".

When I got home, I decided they were not having the promised effect. Surprise! No answer to the cell phone, the manager's email was returned, and the salesgirl never answered me. I checked their website at www.deepseacosmetics.com and they will not accept returns or guarantee products purchased outside their website.

I also found the same products for 10- 20% of retail on Amazon and EBay. The products are not garbage; they are good quality and beautifully packaged, but the website and kiosk prices are a major ripoff.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #703743

Same situation here. I got ripped off for over $400 here in Fayetteville, NC and there are no refunds.

I call the customer service line and all I get is a voicemail and I leave my information and no one ever calls me back. Got home and my receipt only showed certain products and a total at the end- that was it! Go online and find out they over priced me for many of the products.

I haven't even used them and don't plan on it. Now I'm stuck with product I don't want and am trying to sell it for cheaper than what I paid.


My wife was ripped off big time at the Charlotte South Park Mall, too. Her receipt did not show the prices and she didn't realize how much she was buying until it was too late.

We returned the materials two days later, which they of course did not accept. I'm filing a complaint with every agency I can identify, but these bullies are likely laughing themselves all the way back to Israel.


I stopped at the south mall premier dead sea cosmetics kiosk in south mall, charlotte, n.c.

on Sunday and spent 400.00. Double the amount I should have spent after looking on line.

I like the product but the salesperson Stephanie totally ripped me off. Shame on her and shame on me for falling for her ***!


I had used these products before, and especially liked their nail buffer that came with their nail kit. I stopped to pick up a new buffer, as ours had worn out, and the salesman told me that you had to buy the whole kit to get the buffer ($49), but since I was a customer already, I would get the "special" deal ($24.99).

He hooked me by saying that the buffer was warrantied for life, and all I had to do was go to the website, punch in the UPC code from the nail kit box, and I would be sent the strips that go on the nail buffer. So I make the purchase, and figure I will go ahead and put in a call for the replacements, since I already had a worn out buffer that I could fix. SURPRISE!!! I contact the deep sea cosmetics website, and they inform me that this is not true, and that further more they don't have anything to do with the kiosks in malls, since those are privately held companies, so all they could offer was another "special" deal on a new buffer it I wanted one.

I should have known better!

Anyway, the products are good, the nail buffer is the best!

My advice is google search the products, you can find the entire $50 nail kit online for $12 at multiple sites. The deal I got was certainly "Special".


:x Oops! Also did not do the facelift effect, but my skin does look better. KatieMac

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