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Wow. I have read about 5 reviews of this product---this deliberate lying and overpricing of products has ticked me off to the point that I am posting my experience.

I normally do not post at all but I feel that I owe it to other potential customers who work hard for their money as do I. My first exposure to their product was when I visited Greece Ridge Mall in NY-I received a free manicure treatment and was amazed enough that I actually returned to purchase...against what my gut was telling me. I received a free facial at this point and purchased. I mostly listened and neglected to ask questions as much as I should have.

I had been using the product for about 2 weeks when I was cruising the internet and discovered something that angered me to the point of writing this. These people that are selling these products are deliberately suckering people out of their money to purchase HARMFUL POISONS AND TOXINS!!! These poisons such as sodium Hydroxide are poisonous if ingested, inhaled or swallowed...I don't know who would eat this stuff but anything can be absorbed through the skin. As a result I WILL NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS NOR WILL I RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS.

I don't understand how these folks can sell stuff like this and have a clear conscience. It OUTRAGES ME! I know that no one forced me to buy and that I am responsible for my actions. LADIES, if a man really loves you, you shouldn't think that you need to change your outer appearance.

It's what's in the inside that REALLY counts.

If you still want to use skin products I would recommend BARE ESSENTIALS. I only hope that this post will save others from making the same mistake that I did.

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Hi what did it contain i was trying to buy the night light cosmetics form deap sea

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