Do an internet search and you'll find plenty of complaints about this company that preys on shoppers in malls across the US. My wife was bullied at the South Park Mall in Charlotte into buying several bags of product.

The receipt had no individual prices, and did not even have a total on it. Their sales people pull shoppers into their kiosk and then use a variety of deceptive and bullying tactics to sell them product that cannot be returned. It's all junk that they can get elsewhere for a lot, lot less. We attempted to return what she had bought two days earlier, all unused, and of course they wouldn't accept it, or even touch it.

It's frustating that the property management allows these people to acost customers day after day at the Charlotte mall, and in malls across America. Here is a link to a story in the Charlotte Observer about these creeps: http://bit.ly/IwVAsn The Wall Street Journal also explains the tactics we saw firsthand, too: http://bit.ly/9RrMM1

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What goes around comes around…..These people who live their lives knowingly preying on people and cheating people with lies and deception will also get their just reward….It is their choice…I hope the money is worth it to them when (and if) they meet their maker…….

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #656172

Blame yourself!! Nobody forced you to stop!

I work next to these people and watch thousands of people ignore and walk past these people every day. Hundreds leave their demos without buying. None of these people carry weapons to 'rob' you and not once I have I seen anyone take money or credit cards from anyone's wallets. Every transaction made is made as a result of the customer saying yes and handing over a method of payment.

Stop blaming other people for your ignorance and mistakes. This is a free country with free enterprise so you have a choice to buy or not just as much as they have a right to charge whatever they want for products. BTW I know most of you have little to know concept on how small businesses work, but it is quite expensive to run a mall kiosk. Not only do you have to pay outrageous amounts of rent, we also have to pay employees.

Basic math would explain that internet websites would have lower prices on everything.

If you dont want to pay more stay out of the mall. Flea markets and shady anonymous internet merchants might be more up your alley.


It is a big rip off. It is ashame that they will take people's money even if they can't afford it.

They will NOT take NO for an answer. WARNING stay away from these people.

to ***ker Jacksonville, Florida, United States #653723

Yes they don't take no for an answer just got home after spending 128$ and saw it on Amazon for 40$. I don't usually get suckered but I did this time.....

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