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Definite scam. High pressure sales--consultant told me to "try the peeling gel for the first week and if you do not like it, bring it back!" When I returned the next day following one very small use, they presented me with the excuse that they will only accept unused product. They provided me with an email address to request a refund. I received a return email the next day apologizing for the inconvenience and asked that I return to the kiosk... Read more

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I got suckered in to letting them put cream on my arm. Biggest mistake! They are smooth talkers that refuse to let you say no! I mean, he was aggressive. I told him, I could only use my dermatologists products due to my rosacea. He assured me that this helps my skin issue. Long story caused a major flare up on my face. I tried to take the products back and they spoke to each other in whatever language they spoke...and told me I... Read more

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Such a marketing scam. No guarantee and the products are full of perfume which dry your skin out. My dermatologist said it is the biggest scam going!!! They are over priced and the sales woman are beautiful girls who I am sure do not use the products!! Please do not buy these expensive creams go to a certified skin care office and have them consult. If you want to or need to spend the money do not get scammed. I went to the kiosk brought 500... Read more

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I have tried this product in the mall when they sampled it on me. Yeah, its pricey, n yeah the saleman was too pushy but it actually is a great product. I feel like I have a new face. The only thing I am displeased with is how pushy the salemen are. Even after I brought the product, he was still pushing other products on me. If you buy this product, order it online. Don't let them waste your time in the mall. Read more

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I had similar experience as other reviewers: high pressure smooth talking salesman. I did buy a product I didn't want or need (skin conditioners) probably because I was in a good but gullible mood. When I realized what had happened I tried to get a refund. They said No Refunds; exchange only. There is no No Refund signage anywhere but I had signed the receipt after my purchase. Receipt said No Refunds and I had signed it. I explained that the... Read more

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I encountered a very aggressive sales man at DSC in the mall in Wilmington N C. I felt like I was at a sleazy used car lot. When I walked away, he got mad. Read more

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I also purchased this product at a trade show from Nero, on Friday, June 10th, 2016. The next day developed a rash. I texted the phone number my receipt was sent on and got no response. Monday I called the Nevada number on receipt, spoke with Lior Hason, was asked to send screenshot of receipt and doctors letter to them, which I did. Then I heard nothing. Eventually, he offered half my money back, that is not satisfactory. I called the... Read more

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Totally not customer friendly and employ major sales pressure. They do not understand the word 'NO'! Big time pissed off!!

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They are professionals liars and thieves and will not stop until they get your mobey all those companies are a scam They will try to hidr and say some of these that sea brands are not from Israel but tgey a are As somene say before the products are regular nothing specil They will not leave peolle alone you cant be polite to somepne who scam you and be part of tbis fraud Yoy have to be rude back telling them firmly back you dont buy it Teport... Read more

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To get rid of all these liars thieves who steal your money giving you bad products all you need to do is call INS immigration Most of the workers in the kiosks in malls have no work visa report them to immigration Telling the mall managers will not help as they don't care as long as they get their rent money The creams are not special any cheap creams have the same ingredients also all reams made in China not Israel not USA it doesn't say on... Read more

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