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I had a very good experience with the sales people and with the products. The products are fantastic for my skin. Thank you.

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This company sucks everytime I go in the mall they chased me literally across them all yelling me out to me in front of other customers and try to embarrass me into buying things I don't even like walking past them I try to hide my head and I keep going

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there was high pressure and never ending from one item to another. before no thank you came out he was on to the next item my dry tired skin needed.he knew his products very well and had a answer for everything. He continued to pressure on each item even going into to dont want to continue to walk around with those wrinkles i can make them vanish. Then was off putting something in his hands then applying it to my face.The ability to walk away... Read more

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I had the same experience told the gentleman l had no money he kept insisting I buy the product he came out with this beat up box and sold it at a discounted price for $36 and said I couldnt tell anyone about the price I too was angry he wouldnt let up I hate that...

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I am writing due to an experience I just had at the Port Charlotte, Florida Mall. I tried over and over again that I didn;t have the money and he continued to pressure me on and on. He even rubbed stuff on my face and arms after me telling him my red skin was due to the type of cancer I had. He didn't care or listen to me. He of course shows me the $600 cream and the other things for hundreds of dollars. Then, he says I can have his discount... Read more

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At the mall with my granddaughter and this beautiful French guy grabs me by the arm and began his sell. I could not understand him at fist as his accent was overwhelming hard to pass through. He pulled me over to the stand (2 feet maybe) and asked me to sit for a minute. My granddaughter was pushing also because she liked the accent and wanted to hear him talk. He tried two products on me and made it appear to have gotten dirt off of me (just... Read more

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I was at the mall and I sat for a demonstration for Deep Sea cosmetics. I liked the result and asked the demonstrator the price. I thought he said $7.49 so I bought two of the products for what I thought was $7.49. When I got home I looked at the sales slip and found that I was charged $749.00. I do like the products, but I can not afford that kind of money. The demonstrator was not very clear when he stated the price. I won't buy it again... Read more

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Just passing by a kiosk in a mall and was literally grabbed by the arm and had some exfoliant poured on my forearm. Never heard of Deep Sea hope to never hear it again. Bright side? Was given sample of "wine" facial moisturizer. Who are these people

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They are an awful company and have NO idea how to sell. Way too forceful in their 'selling tactics' The two RUDE women grabbed my hand and basically outlined how bad my skin was and forcibly pushed me to invest in their overpriced products. I kept telling them that I didn't have enough money on me as I'm only 17 and they never accept it. They lowered the price from around '$200' and something to '$50' and another product free. And the woman... Read more

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Deceptive marking practices. On initial order the online process forces customer to order higher cost item not advertised with 14 day trial. The trial period includes shipping time. Low cost items are initially 4.95 which is increases by 89.95 each on the 14th day within trial period. Call Center Reps repeated called me back when I demanded a refund and canceled subscription. They offered only a 35% of my refund!!!!# Read more

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